Inspired by Nick Bradley

Tony Selimi, Elite Life Coach, London

I’ve been utterly inspired by Mandala Leadership as it reflects my goal to become the best I can be, learning how to listen, how to recognise our weakness.

Fabio Pacheco, FAB Events, London

I felt your hand on my shoulder.

You let me discover things for myself in small steps that had eluded me before so that I could piece them together and make substantial changes and move to a level of higher consciousness and performance.You were generous enough to lead me gently and let me do the work in a way that I hadn’t done before.

Nigel Long, Professional Services, London

I now speak with an authentic inner strength.
I found my direction, I have clarity of my value.
I was playing small and that was bringing me pain. I am now committed to playing big!
Wherever someone is on their leadership journey this will have a profound affect on them.

Janet Cuthbert, HR Director, London

Nick is my beautiful and inspiring friend.

Ellie Forgan, City of Edinburgh Council, Scotland

It’s simple to say. I just need to take the action. I get that at some point I just have to go and do it.

Sandy Chen, Investment Analyst, London

Nick has become a mindful leader perfectly blending an executive background with compassion, listening and gentleness as he inspires and supports others in identifying the best course of action to grow out of any challenge.

Michele Scataglini, Ernst & Young, London

The process helped me at critical moments in my career to go to the next level.
It helped me expand and value myself.
He is like a well of incredible ideas highly aligned with the specific person he works with.

Gill Gillespie, HR Specialist, Surrey

Nick, I would never have thought of this approach where I didn’t lose my power.
You are truly great. You are an amazing warrior and I am so grateful to you.
You are a truly amazing guy, smart, authentic and noble. I consider you to be my friend.

Dushant Sajnani, NHS, London

The way you Nick has addressed these things, taken them on head first, but humbly and with real intent has been inspiring.

Katherine Brown-Gordon, Executive, Retail, London

I see you as a true king Nick, as a very wise and balanced man.

There is something in your presence that I receive very calming and grounding energy and I judge that you have the same impact on other people.

Pavel Bubak, RWE Energy, Swindon